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p00psh00t's Journal

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p00psh00t: aim to please
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The only rules are:

Obey ALL of the laws of your country
Obey ALL of the laws of your state
Obey ALL of the laws of your community
Obey ALL of the laws of your conscience

Please feel free to post any pictures, digital or chemical, you like that fall under the first rule. We ASK that you tell everyone something/anything about the shot (exempli gratia - title, if any - make of camera - settings - location - et cetera), but you don’t have to say anything.

Like we said, post any foto you like, but please think about how others will view your post. If it “might” offend…, please use the lj-cut tag. If it’s large…, use the lj-cut tag. If you are posting more than one pic at a time…, use the lj-cut tag. You get the picture (no pun intended).

We ask that you only post fotos. In other words…, no text only post to the forum.

And lastly (for now)…, play nice! If you like a shot…, tell the member. If you don’t like a shot…, keep it to yourself or say it in a constructive manner.

Report any abuse of the above by email at: p00psh00t

You all know this..., but just to be safe...

All works submitted are copyright the original photographer (unless such rights have been
sold or transferred), and as such are not intended for free distribution in the public domain
(unless stated otherwise by the poster).

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